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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Avoiding Sanity

Jugs : is going deeper into his cave, this after the chakras opened, and he is going to find his power animal.

Corny: FC+Naruto = Jugschirukee!

Sent at 2:54 PM on Tuesday

Jugs: err... alright :P

Corny: Jugs Animal Spirit Demon

Jugs: ahh... nice...

and he does powerful kung fu moves



Corny: Totally

WORKING! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


losing sanity

Jugs: awesome!

Corny: I don't know though

Jugs: oh that is like SO cool


Corny: how do you know if you're going mad

or maybe,.. going sane?

Which would be worse


Jugs: well you get someone to ask you

"are you going mad?"

then you reply


Corny: What if they're mad, and you're just goign sane.

Jugs: (reply in yes or no)

are you going mad?

Corny: Monkey?

Jugs: ah... you are still insane my friend...

not to worry...

Corny: Damnit!

sanity must be such a scary for those terminally insane

Jugs: hmm...

yea man

you should see the ICU wars


with the terminally sane people

lying there

because their sanity got the better of them


it's a nightmare in there!

Corny: scary shit all'round

Jugs: total nightmare!

Corny: it's complicated

Jugs: it is, it is.

vaccines need to be dispatched!

Corny: if the nature of the universe was that cause followed effect, and every action has an equal and identical reaction.... how would we know?

Jugs: that we can be sure only day after tomorrow.

so we'll have to wait

Corny: or can we have a can we then have a day after tomorrow only before we're sure

if the nature of the universe was that cause followed effect, and every action has an equal and identical reaction.... how would we know?

Jugs: you need to get into a time machine becuase time is what we don't have!

Corny: do we then wait, before or after we wish to wait?

Jugs: before we wish to wait we get a time machine

Corny: do we first wait, and then choose to wait?

Jugs: then we wish to wait and then we wish to go back and wait some more

so youwill wait more

time will be steady

experiment will be on...

and then

you can see the world being destroyd.

Corny: or does our choosing to wait, before we wish to wait, cause us to create time, so that we may wait?

Jugs: ah genius!

you have solved it!

we create time!

we create time in between now and day after tomorrow~!

Corny: Ergo Veni Vedi Vomit

Jugs: no need to travel back in time!

Corny: I get time-travel sick


Jugs: applause

so necessity was the mother of invention!

Corny: Ahh, this explains many things

Jugs: to avoid time travel you came up with better solution!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It didn't really happen...


This post is Gone.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Youtubin' - Found some Dance Mela vids

Am I the best or what?

3 days into Dance Mela, and I'm already level 4.. Not that levels matter.
The hindi music keeps playing in my head, everywhere I go. It's crazy, I never listened to much hindi movie music before, with the exception of some Adnan Sami and Lucky Ali.

And now I catch myself singin' Rangeen, and Fanaa, and god knows what else.

Pointless Fact:
Rangeen is by a Pakistani singer, and isn't from a Bollywood movie.
Found this out while searching for Rangeen on Youtube... and guess what I found.

This absolutely awesome Rangeen video, in da GAME!
Some people danced the song almost PERFECTLY!... It looks great.

Bollywood movies, bollywood songs... bollywood games.. who the hell came up with the word Bollywoood anyway.
Just another attempt at ripping off the "west", as we call everything American.

Why American, how come we aren't copying the Japs, or the French , what's wrong with some good ol' Amsterdam culture ape-ing? I could do with some of that kind of "freedom" right now. (I don't smoke up... but... well, just a thought)

My whole body hurts today.
Mostly cause I've been playing Dance mela all night, and I keep the keyboard in a weird position.
Pain, pain.. and here I go again, playing. But it's so much fun!

Monday, July 2, 2007

I've been bollywoodised!!! - Dance Mela

ई'वे बीन बोल्ल्य्वूदिसेद (थिस हिंदी ट्रांस्लातोर रोच्क्स!!!)

Dance Mela - Indian hindi movie music dance game? Who da?

So I get this invitation in my mail the other day..
At first I had no clue, looked like an invite to a nightclub or dance show..

Well, apparently, it was about a game. An online hindi movie dancing bollywood game.

Yeh, what the..?

So anyway, I checked it out. How couldn't I, the invite was all shiny and had this pretty girl on it..

First off - I'm not much of a hindi movie or bollywood songs and dance fan.
Second - I play a lot of MMOGs (that's Massively multiplayer online games, like Warcraft, EQ and the sort)

I click on the link, set the game to download, and install it next morning.

And it looked interesting.

To the guys who made it - Nice Installation backgrounds.. especially the hindi film poster effect

I logged into the game, Registered (this part was thoughtful, registration in the game), and got in.

Ha.. to teach you the game, they have a "Dance Class" or something... which is thought by a character in a Sherwani and a turban.. haha.. straight out of a bollwood wedding.

The game looks pretty cool. It's basically an Indian, bollywood/hindi movie music type of DDR (you know, in the arcades). Only this is played on the Keyboard, which is quite easy to get the hang off.

Screenshots of the game - to break the text up.

Alright, so, I got into a dance room, walked around, met some people. Then asked someone how the game work - btw.. the characters all looked different, eventually found out there's a shop in-game where you can buy clothes for your character. As currency, you use MP, points you win for playing well.

So the games easy, and if you keep hitting the keys right, in time with the beat, and the indicator, your character dances in the room with other characters.
If you stop, if stops.. or something to that effect.

The people in the game were interesting. Most of them were from India, and liked bollywood stuff more than I did, I didn't even recognize most of the songs I danced to. But it was cool... Been making some friends. Good people, sweet and helpful.

So, it looks like I've found myself a new place to be online... A nice shiny new MMOG, and it's Indian, and it's Bollywood.

Chalo, I'm off..

Another admission btw - I danced to Mithun's "Disco dancer".
If my school friends could see me now..

Bye bye.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Devil woman..
Stay away from me.

Spent all morning reading Naruto manga. The internets be very good to me.
First it was hotwire, or something... the file sharing network which was then taken over by this other client.
Totally underground, not many knew about it. It was a single client driven system that connected to thousands of underground servers. The servers could then control access, upload/download ratios, swap lists etc. You'd use the client to look for trackers (servers that tracked hosting server) and displayed information about the hoster, like what type of stuff did it keep, access, ratios etc.
It was great. Much more reliable content than Napster (back then) and Kazaa, similar to bittorrent. Server master kept track of their content, so you really couldn't put up fake or low quality files. And if you wanted something specific, you could always put it up on a servers request board.

Kline I think it was called... not sure though. But good old days... .. that's when I rediscovered Anime.
And now I've moved into Manga, the comic books that most Anime's are based on.

Now the first Manga series I read was Bleach. After getting bored waiting for the 115 episode to air and watching 10 episodes of fillers, I figure I'd just get my fill by reading up the Manga. So I started from the beginning and read all 250 manga in one go. Ok, more like a week... but yeh, ll 250.

So now I find myself waiting for the next Bleach manga 276, or the next episode, 127.
What to do then? Start a new series. Naruto!

32 down, 300 to go.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Crank, rattle and roll

Shake that rust off..

There... rub, crunch... clutter..
Shake that rust off...

lets give this a shot in ernest, shall we?

How good am I really? It's time to stop speculating. Sharpen the ol' stakes.

Smell the air, sense it.. Yes I see you smell it too.

The hunt begins tonight my love... Ride out.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Life in Sinfest

To Begin.. The Temple of Poon

1.) Awwww.... Cute
2.) Art

3.)Wasabi... triumphant

Vera Wang.. hahahaha

4) Taking it like a Man.

I really want to listen to you, I do

5) Women...

For more -


Just Sinfest, May 17th 2007.

I don't know when I'll start blogging. Though I can't lie, this feels good. It's like an addiction.
This little bit of typing, I'm taking a hit.

Just one hit please, and no more. Remember my friend, I've quit.

Quit quoting myself. Pretending to be wiser than my years.

Hell, I don't think I succeeded at that either. Haha, I guess it's got more in common with hitting the hashpipe than I realised.
You always think you're brilliant, you sound smarter than you are. The Philosopher king.

Here I go again..
Just one hit, just one puff.. just one line.

Wasted prose and pretentious rhyme.

Riding the hashpipe again..
Good bye...

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